The Glasgow Guardian: Rewilding wetlands project launched in Govan

We’re proud to be featured in the Glasgow Guardian. View Ashmita Shanthakumar article here.

Plants used for carbon capture planted on the banks of the Clyde in new rewilding project.

Seawater Solutions and BlueGreen Glasgow are showing “Last weekend in Govan”. Seawater Solutions is an organisation that helps turn under-utilised land into wetland ecosystems for food production and climate resilience. BlueGreen Glasgow is an organisation that aims to restore post-industrial land in Glasgow by building ecosystems that benefit the environment. The two organisations partnered up to lay seawater plants in Govan wetlands, aiming to demonstrate how wetlands can capture carbon emissions. 

The two-hectare site took six weeks to set up, and the companies used 700,000 rewilding plants. The site used two plants, samphire and sea aster, which were used for their carbon capture properties and can take in 50 times more carbon than terrestrial plants. The project also aims to have local residents harvest the samphire and sea acaster. 

Seawater Solutions is presenting this site at COP26 as an example of how you can create wetlands and a thriving ecosystem with vacant land, through community engagement. 

Govan wetlands and other planting projects with Seawater Solutions and Blue-Green Glasgow by checking their websites at Seawater Solutions and BlueGreen Glasgow here.